Welcome to LENSNECTAR MediaHouse

We are a Full Service Creative Digital Media Agency. For USP Marketing Strategy and Content Generation from ground to air we have you covered.

LENSNECTAR: Creative USP Marketing Media

Simple Concise Impact Driven USP Media, for your products, services & events. We film, edit, grade, narrate, produce, animate and deliver digital content.

LENSNECTAR AeroFilm: Creative Antigravity Media

CAA Approved, BNUC's qualified for Aerial Work. We fly with over 4yrs experience and a creative eye.

Creative Flair & Innovation is in our blood

LENSNECTAR MediaHouse has a long linage of creativity and innovation.

We grew from the necessity to creatively present and concisely market our sister companies Product Design and Brand Creations, together with its clients Products and Services. We know what it’s like to be the client with a unique offering, it needs equally creative and clear communication.


Our mission is to highlight your unique selling points, capturing them with succinct clarity and creative flare for maximum impact. From brands to services, sports events to unique artistic film projects, we have you covered, whilst our CAA Approved Aerial division LENSNECTAR Aerofilm is fully qualified to provide all our benefits from the air.



Creative Ground based Media Production: [Creative Film / USP Product, Service, Event, Technological Marketing] 

Creative Aerial Media Production: [CAA Approved BNUC’s Qualified Drone / UAS.  Creative Film to Practical Inspections] 

Video Production: [Planning, Directing].

Post Production: [Editing, Digital Grading, Professional Narration]. 

Photography: [Creative Media Imagery] 

Design Service: [Corporate ID / Logo & Brand Creation].

Simple, Concise, Impact Driven Media. 


Multi Nationals to SME’s & Private Individuals

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