LENSNECTAR Provides SURFACESKINS with USP production

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USP Media Production by:
For more information please visit or email one of the team at

SurfaceSkins are a range of antibacterial door handle and push plate covers, which remain safe and sterile to touch at all times. They achieve this by secreting any antibacterial solution [such a as alcohol gel] to the top surface when pressed. This solution then kills deposited bacteria in the vital seconds between one user and the next passing though the door, thus “breaking the transmission chain” between individuals and helps prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and ultimately Superbugs.
SurfaceSkins effectively act as though the door has been wiped down after each and every user and are ideal for a multitude of market sectors.
Third party advertising and branding also allows generation of an offset income against implementation costs, potentially making them free.
The products and technology are supported by key infection controls officials and NHS buyers and have passed In-Vitro clinical trials.
For more information please visit us at
Thank you, The SurfaceSkins Team.
Adam Walker
Simon Scott Harden
Chris Fowler, Steven Neil, Mike Rogers
All product artwork for illustration purposes only and not for resale.

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