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Creative Antigravity Media

Film / TV / Broadcast / Event

Specialist Films to Action Sports Events / Competitions.

CAA Approved / Qualified Aerial Provider.

£5 Million Pounds Liability Insurance.

6yrs Drone Flying Experience. Many years RC Plane flying and building experience.

Our Safety Focused Process:

All our flights are carried out with a full safety risk assessment and
in a commercial CAA & BNUC’s capacity. We fill out the following paperwork and ensure we both Landowners written permission and notified any organisations, such as air traffic control to obtain permission to take off and land. There is always quite a bit of behind the scenes work before each flight, but we take care of all that for you.

1: Enquiry Form
2: Pre visit survey [ Air Space checks to any hazards etc]
3: Embarkation checklist for equipment
4: Arrival checkilist form
5: On Site Survey form [Weather / hazards etc]
6: Call Sheet form
7: Risk Assessment form [matrix to decide risk]
8 Pre Flight check form
9: Post flight Check
10 Battery log
11: Pilot and Aircraft Hours log
12: Incident
13: Battery Identification
14 Maintenance log.

Film / TV / Broadcast / Event

We are able to provide you with a range of suitable quality media to cover your requirements.


We can shoot in 4k, Log and Raw images.


Site Surveys / Practical Inspections

Site Surveys and or Building surveys are simple and easy.


We can shoot in 4k, Log and Raw images.

Flying Indoors

We have flown indoors at major international exhibition centers. We have a series of safety procedures for indoor flights, however out expment has specific features for superb indoor operations with maximum safety precautions.